Show Me Your Selfie


AFSAD Kontrast Photography Magazine, 53th Issue

Call for Interactive Project Corner



In history of painting and photography, the act of portraying oneself by the artist is defined as: auto-portrait or self-portrait. While auto-portraits usually involve the iconic representation of the artist, sometimes they include indirect signs of the personality or the identity of the artist. After digital photography and smart phones gained popularity, the act of taking photographs of oneself in order to declare that “I was here… I went here… I was doing this… I was together with these people… or I wore this outfit…” has been defined as “selfie” in the current practice of photography. So taking selfies has become an irreplaceable act of socializing while in holidays, celebrating special days, dinner organizations and so on… Even the group photos are now being taken and named as selfies (or “usies”).

For the next issue of Kontrast Magazine, we invite you to share with us your original selfies (as creative as possible). We’ll be publishing 10 of these photos at the Interactive Project Corner of the 53rd issue of Kontrast Magazine.*


How to send:

Until March 20th 2018, the latest;

To the mail address:;

With the subject: SHOW ME YOUR SELFIE;

With a limitation of: 3 selfies (usies) max, per person;

Photography files named as: “NAME.SURNAME.NO”


*Decision for publication of photographs lies with the Kontrast Magazine Editors. The legal responsibilities of the photographs belong to person who has sent them.  Kontrast Magazine holds the right to publish  photographs in the journal or on the web provided that the legal owner of the photographs are referred.