Victor SCHRAGER | Portfolio (Issue 52)

Born in Maryland, USA in 1950 and raised in New York, he graduated from Harvard University in 1972, and received his Master’s degree from Florida State University in 1975. In the Light Gallery of New York, the artist got interested in photography. So he worked with a combination of still life, collage, image and text until the end of the 70’s and received the National Endowment for the Arts Award in 1980. He was also awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1993. His works were exhibited in important galleries and museums and were taken into the collection of many great museums.

His works consist of abstract images of bright colors with sharp edges settled on different planes. He uses all kinds of visuals – written, historical and scientific information, including pictures, maps, magazine pictures, old book pages and photo prints – to find out how they affect us. Schrager is currently living and working in New York City. He has successfully used the techniques of self-appropriation in his works, exploring the rapidly growing knowledge overload of the current culture.

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