EXHIBITION | Kuşadası, F. Özel Arabul Cultural Center and City Museum, Dora Günel, Women of Love and Shadows

Saniye Çapkın, 1922

“There is no such thing as love or the like. You’ll have to love him after you get married and are surrounded with a bunch of kids.”

Suna Korkut, 1933

“Anyway, there was no makeup or hair-dresser, we were all natural then. They called my sister and me the beautiful girls of Erenköy.”

Saime Ölteş,1932

“My mother says she wouldn’t give her consent to her daughter to have a religious wedding. Under a Republican state, he should take his bride to the altar for a formal wedding when she reached the legal age of marriage. Until then she is his anyway.”

Through these women, who returned to their own history, these courageous reminiscences and stories of identity and memory, this work, after passing through a narrow door to listen to love stories, also found the history of this geography, which I found myself in, covered with pain and sadness, in the fabric of their own stories. This is a quest of two World Wars, bread rationing, revolutions, success, joy, pain and happiness, sadness, hope, love and most of all the quest for who we are. …

The exhibition can be seen until January 5.