EXHIBITION | Bursa, Mysia Photography Museum, Ahmet Elhan, Day By Night

Photographer Ahmet Elhan’s ‘Day By Night’ photo exhibition met with art lovers at the Mysia Photography Museum. Curated by Engin Özendes, the 24-photo exhibition presents the colors of the night with a different interpretation.

Following the opening of the exhibition, Ahmet Elhan met with photography enthusiasts in an interview held at the Mysia Photography Museum. Pointing out that the language of photography is very different, Elhan said: “for many years, the masters of photography have tried to decipher this language in full. The great masters in the history of art and photography tried to arrive at a conclusion with different contributions based on their images that made up the history of photography. I always thought about how we can see the problems in life in the photos. I seriously dwell on the forms of photography made in their own culture. My focus in photography is abstraction. In this series, I went around the streets of Istanbul and cut some pieces off. Then, when I put those pieces together with other pieces, my own space perception emerged. I tried to show what the night was hiding, and to hide what the night was uncovering in my photos. And in my day photographs, I tried to draw attention on different issues. You can change the place by playing with time.”

The exhibition can be visited in Mysia Photography Museum in Bursa until October 21.