Ankara Fotoğraf Sanatçıları Derneği (AFSAD), founded as a national association in Ankara in 1977, was honored as an “association for the benefit of the public” in 1991. AFSAD aims; to promote the art of photography, to provide with the cooperation and solidarity among those who are interested in photography and to provide with the education in photography. Although based in Ankara, AFSAD maintains its activities completely by voluntary contributions with its members in both national and international scale.

Besides the mission undertaken as a non-governmental organization, AFSAD performs many activities such as; i) introductory and advanced level photography training seminars open to the public, ii) exhibitions and photography presentations, iii) organizing meetings, seminars and symposiums to discuss the philosophical and theoretical nature of photography and, iv) long-term-projects based photographical production.

KONTRAST which has periodically been publishing by AFSAD since 2003 is actually the continuation of the long-term-running publication between 1982 through 1993 named FOTOGRAF which was a very popular and widely circulating photography magazine.

In recent years, due to the improvement and integration of digital technology into photography publication, it has changed and become prevalent. As a result of this, sharing photography has diversified and differentiated, as well as the interaction with other forms of arts have increased. It has become a major discipline by itself, and created its own theory and philosophy.

For these reasons, we – as a new editorial board – has just started to work to make more visually and content wise enriched brand new publication. With the beginning of the issue 51, you are going to encounter a totally new look of KONTRAST with a different design and content.

The editorial board is completely working on voluntarily just like every projects realized by AFSAD in the past. Therefore; any contribution you are going to provide us will simply become a major contribution into the world of photography.