Exhibition | San Francisco, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Susan Meiselas, Mediations

Susan Meiselas, one of the leading figures of today’s documentary photography, is at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with her retrospective exhibition.

This exhibition, covering a wide range of issues and countries from wars to human rights, cultural identity problems to domestic violence, shows examples of her projects from the 1970s to the present day.

Meiselas, who has been a member of Magnum for over 40 years, is a photographer who asks provocative questions about documentary practice, and the relationship between photographer and subject. In this context, she does not only photograph the subjects, but also adds their voices and opinions to her works. Susan Meiselas is a photographer who has created a unique working method, combining photography, video, sound and installation. With this method, she manages to explore various scales of time and conflict, varying from the personal to geopolitical point of view.

The exhibition continues until October 21, 2018.