EXHIBITION | New York, New York City Museum, Stanley Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick Photographs: Through a Different Lens

Stanley Kubrick, one of the most renowned motion picture directors of the 20th century, is at The New York City Museum with an exhibition of photographs that shape the formation and that were taken during the early years of his career.

Kubrick was 17 years old when he sold his first photographs to Look Magazine in 1945, the major visual magazine of its time.

Kubrick turned his camera into the streets of New York City, where he was born. He photographed nightclubs, sporting events, and documented the feelings of everyday, ordinary life in his photographs, most of which were not printed and kept in archives.

The exhibition, Stanley Kubrick Photographs: Through A Different Lens, consists of more than 120 photographs which were selected from 12,000 negatives in the period when Kubrick worked for Look Magazine for five years. The exhibition may be a good opportunity to discover clues to the artist’s film career.

The exhibition ends on 28 October 2018.