EXHIBITION | Istanbul, Versus Art Project, Selim Süme, In the Blink of an Eye

In the exhibition, titled “In the Blink of the Eye”, at Versus Art Project, Selim Süme explores thinking about the image and the act of looking by taking advantage of the possibilities that the camera can provide.

While the exhibition focuses on the ‘thinking of the image’, it also explores the ‘act of looking’ through the possibilities of the camera itself. A photograph is the reflection of space and time, proving to be one of the most efficient methods of documentation with the mechanic ability of the camera to capture and reflect anything that is put infront of the lens. Moreover, a photograph is accepted as the proof of the subject that has been documented, therefore, it is regarded as one of the tools closest to reality.

When we blur the ideas of space and time in a photograph, we are distanced from the relationship we build with reality, and such tension creates new possibilities to experience the photographic image. By conciously shifting the concepts of time and space which the photograph needs in an ontological context, a gap can be created in the interpretation of the photograph, and the possibility of the ‘pure thought’ arises as a result of this experience. What is conveyed here is an artistic approach that takes advantage of the possibilities of alienation of human to photography. This way, the photograph is visualized with the fact that it reflects the truth, opening a new dimension in its relationship with history and frees experience of looking at the photograph.

The curtain of the camera opens, light enters the dark box, and the curtain closes.
Just like life between birth and death, the play between two theatre scenes;
dark – light – dark. The photograph appears, ‘in the blink of an eye’.

Throughout the exhibition, the artist expands the time between the capturing of an image, and discusses the image within a systematic analysis. In The Blink Of An Eye can be seen at Versus Art Project, located in Hanif Han in Beyoğlu, until January 5th, 2019.