EXHIBITION | Istanbul, Türker Art, Coşkun Aral – Nursel Birler Carroll, Wall and Beyond

Nursel Birler Carroll and Coşkun Aral crowned their long-standing friendship with a curated exhibition by Pınar Türker uygun. In the exhibition, “Wall and Beyond”, which includes joint works by artists, individual works also meet with art lovers.

The exhibition makes us think and confront the walls inside us, revealing the lives hidden behind the walls, and the meanings of the walls we build around us.

Immortalizing his different perspective with his lens, Coşkun Aral has chosen the ones that belong to hidden lives beyond the walls among hundreds of thousands of photographs he has taken during his career. In each frame, even though they are stuck in the walls or ignored, they are heroes who tell their stories without losing hope.

Nursel Birler Carroll, known for her contemporary abstract paintings, carries the walls and beyond us to the canvas with simple patterns hidden between the paint layers. It is able to reflect the light from the windows that we have built against the outside by the brush strokes that we have hit to build walls.