EXHIBITION | Istanbul, Merkür Gallery, Tahsin Aydoğmuş, Visual Language of the Movement

The works of Tahsin Aydoğmuş are on display in the Merkür Gallery until January 5, 2019 with 17 photographs selected from his series called “Visual Language of the Movement”.

The artist says the following about his exhibition: “During my trip to Malatya in 2012, I went to Arapgir’in Onar, a village where the rock graves were found. I was surprised to see horse figures depicting six different movements of 2200 years in one of the rock tombs with their incredible drawings. When I examined the figures, I was astonished that the people of that period had transformed the movements of horses into visual language in the most beautiful way. For centuries, the movements of horses have been used as symbols of freedom in visual language. The horse figures on this rock remind me of the the horses in motion in the 1870s by the photographer Eadweard Muybridge. Who would have thought it?”