EXHIBITION | Istanbul, Leica Gallery, Ali Taptik, 5 Dried Flowers, 7 Confusing Incidents, and 9 Intimate Strangers

Leica Gallery Istanbul is hosting the solo exhibition titled “5 Dried Flowers, 7 Confusing Incidents, and 9 Intimate Strangers” by Ali Taptık, a fictious jigsaw puzzle wherein the images are independent from time and space and are carrying traces of contemporary issues.

With a title resembling a haiku, the selection of work from Ali Taptık’s photographic journal can be read as short stories. Including photographs made from his earliest works from 2002 to 2018, Taptık has made a remix of the journal that focuses on contemporary issues such as polarity, privacy and intimacy, and the interplay among urban culture, nature and human.

As a metaphor, the artist thinks that photography has a close relation to the verbal narrative and photographic expression, and invites the viewer to play a game with the 21 photographs, encouraging them to turn each gallery wall into a sentence and to see certain images as conjunctions or adjectives. Ali Taptık, who tries to talk about the photos, displays questions and answers that give visual responses to today’s issues in a puzzle independent of time and space.

The exhibition ends on February 16.