EXHIBITION | Istanbul, Dirimart, Julian Rosefeldt, Avant-Garde and Apocalypse

Dirimart presents Julian Rosefeldt, a German artist and filmmaker, who has opened his first solo exhibition in Istanbul simultaneously in the Nişantaşı and Dolapdere galleries. In his well-known film “Manifesto” (2015), we watched the Australian actress Cate Blanchett in thirteen different roles; featuring a world-wide reenactment of historical avant-garde manifestos by artists such as Dadaists, Situationists and Futurists, the Berlin artist Julian Rosefeldt presents his film titled “Manifesto”, which is the first comprehensive presentation of his films and photographs in Turkey.

Rosefeldt deals with important social and political issues such as totalitarianism, ecology, homeland and immigration in his films and photographs, referring to cinema and painting history and creating a highly aesthetic universe by manipulating them in an ongoing playful dialogue with pop culture. The works are on display until June 13th.