EXHIBITION | Ankara, Gallery Nev Kırlangıç, NevNesil (NevGeneration) 5, Monomyth

The fifth of the NevNesil (NevGeneration) exhibitions organized by Gallery Nev is on photography

Twenty photographers who have captured the spirit of time have come together to present their works under the title MONOMYTH. The exhibition is named after the research done by the writer Joseph Campell. Campell suggests that different stories stemming from different societies told at a different time come from the same root. They are thought of as other versions of almost a single story. These stories are often woven around a journey of a hero who is evolving according to what they encounter on the road.                                                                                        .

MONOMYTH, which is based on ideas developed by Campell on mythology, declares each of the invited artists a hero of an ancient story. As seen in all heroic stories, the moments they recorded during their travel also bear the traces of an inner journey. On the other hand, by bringing together twenty-one artists, MONOMYTH also tries to depict that singular expressions will form the alphabet of that “first” story.

The works of art of Alp Sime, Ata Kam, Begüm Yamanlar, Can Akgümüş, Cemil Batur Gökçeer, Civan Özkanoğlu, Ege Kanar, Görkem Ergün, İbrahim Karakütük, İrem Sözen, Kerem Ozan Bayraktar, Melisa Önel, Metehan Özcan, Özgür Atlagan, Selim Süme, Serdar Darendeliler, Sevim Sancaktar, Sinem Dişli, Yusuf Sevinçli, Zeren Göktan and Zeynep Kayan are on display until June 9th.