Sebastien LIFSCHITZ | A Map of Love (Issue #51)

Sebastien LIFSCHITZ, a French screenwriter and director, collects old, unattended and anonymous family albums and old snapshots from years past from essentially flea markets and garage sales.

The artist is looking for photos with a love story, especially and most importantly for love stories of gay couples.

While the photos depict homosexuals as those who have a normal daily routine like heterosexuals, they also serve as a refusal to those people who perceive homosexuality as a kind of disease. His collection, named The Invisibles: Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride, consists of photos that show that homosexual preferences were regarded a lot more as a taboo than it is nowadays, and that they were forced to hide their identity and life-styles at the expense of their lives.

Art defines this condition as follows: To ask them to keep a remembrance of their love was a much more powerful thought than why others do not approve of them or what others think of them.