BOOK | İstanbul Her Şeye Rağmen, Timurtaş Onan, Art Studio Publications, 2018

Istanbul photographer Timurtaş Onan, who has signed many national and international projects and exhibitions to date, has published his book “İstanbul Her Şeye Rağmen” (translated as “Istanbul Against All Odds”), published by Art Studio and composed of Istanbul photos since the 80’s. The book provides a panoramic view of the cultural, economic, demographic and architectural changes that Istanbul has undergone since the 80’s. It contains 120 black and white photographs of analogue weight.

Timurtaş Onan, who has photographed Istanbul countless times since the 1980s, leaves a new momento in the memory box of this ancient city with his new book. The historical buildings, which are symbols of Istanbul, are located in the narrow streets of the city; bazaars, markets, mosques, squares, slum areas; seagulls, fishermen, hamams, gypsies, street urchins, the homeless, the elderly, steamers, boats, tradesmen, bagel (simit) trays, bushes and banks, taking their places to compose their unique stories. The photos document the fact that the “moment” is self-evident and self-destructive, stunned, mesmerizing, changing, transforming “despite everything”.

The book “Istanbul Her Şeye Rağmen”, no matter how much outside interference there is, reveals that life and the city have a unique flow, free from everything and that nothing can change that flow. To read the interview with the artist please click here.