BOOK | Photography and Philosophy – Essays on the Pencil of Nature, Scott Walden, Espas Publishing house, 2018

This book dwells on the question of how a person accepts or rejects reality in photographic contradictions, discussed by contemporary philosophers and composed of 13 essays written by those philosophers. The readers are constantly being directed to ponder on the subject with contradictory (theoretical and personal) suggestions/explanations.

This review, necessary for anyone who thinks about analytical photography and philosophy, contains the work of many of the leading authors. The combination of classical and contemporary work transforms the book into a useful resource and a stimulating contribution to ongoing discussions on photographic representation.

“Seeing is believing… or? Can photography still be considered realistic and reliable In the era of digital imaging technology?” Photography and philosophy provide an up-to-date overview of photographic reliability, objectivity and realism. He tests the boundaries of what can be done ethically with the camera and explores the fundamental difference between photographic and non-photographic works.

Compiled by Scott Walden and translated by Aylin Ünal, Hüseyin Yılmaz, the book thought and written by contemporary philosophers, is a unique resource for students studying fine arts, art history and photography.