Cindy Sherman | Untitled (Issue 52)

Cindy Sherman was born on January 19, 1954 in New Jersey. She is widely recognized as an influential conceptual art photographer and film director who makes social criticism. She studied art at New York State University. After graduation, she worked on super-realistic paintings, and then turned to photography.

Using disguise and make-up, she worked on many self-portraits that reflect how men see women. Using this method, she researched and criticised the traditional female identities. Thus, she questioned the seductive and repressive impact of mass media on identities and personalities. What we can easily recognize is the fantasy figures in Hollywood, fashion, advertising and the various characters of the next-door girl.

The artist settled in New York in 1977 and made her first name with her “Untitled Movie Stills” series, which questions the stereotypical roles given to women. This series depicts the gradual self-transformation of a rural girl moving to the great city because she got attracted by its charm. This series was later bought by the New York Museum of Modern Arts in 1995 at a price of over a million dollars, so Sherman’s place in the art world has become undisputed.

Sherman dealt with more grotesque subjects in her latest studies and used photographs as a conceptual art material.