BIENNIAL | 4. International Mardin Biennial

The 4th International Mardin Biennial, hosted by the Mardin Cinema Association, is being held this year with the theme “ Beyond Words”, curated by Fırat Arapoğlu, Nazlı Gürlek and Derya Yücel, and directed by Döne Otyam. Under the theme of “Beyond Words”, works on the concepts of look, body and boundaries are presented. These works consist of three thematic sections related to each other. Fırat Arapoğlu presents the ways of producing meaning and expression beyond words in “Endless Gaze”, Nazlı Gürlek in “Body Language” and Derya Yücel in “Borders and Thresholds”.

Among the 50 artists, 18 of which are foreign, Taner Ceylan, İpek Duben, Serkan Taycan and Mahmut Celayir, will exhibit their works in Historic Places and bazaars, including German headquarters (Alman Karargahı), Purple Ephram Monastery (Mor Efram Manastırı), Virgin Mary Church (Meryem Ana Kilisesi), Yıldız Hamamı, Marangozlar Kahvesi, renovated Bazaar shops and Mardin Museum, until June 4th.